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This is what I do. I'm obsessed with creating beautiful things and doing... a lot of thinking.

I've had the great fortune of growing up, and traveling to, some of the most beautiful places in the world.  But what I found out about myself is that what makes me happy is actually pretty simple.  Give me a beach, or a mountain and a bike any day of the week and I will gladly give up any of the other fineries of life.  

Hi!  My name is Sofia Spadafora, and I've been making art ever since I could hold a pencil.


I grew up between two cultures, with an American midwestern mother and a Panamanian father of Italian and Latino heritage.  Growing up between two vastly different cultures gave me a glorious window unto the world, and ever since my heart has been rooted in two places.  

I was born and raised in Panama, and went to SAIC in Chicago for college, where I studied all manner of art and design, including fashion design and animation.  I made everything from corsets to shoes, attended stunning art exhibits and enjoyed the best that the city has to offer, including yoga.

After art yoga become my second love.  Yoga gave me the balance and focus my artistic soul needed, and it opened a whole new way of being.  Yoga brought everything together and helped it all make sense.

Once I had graduated from college I yearned to go back to a wilder environment, so I moved back to Panama and shortly after cemented my obsession by getting my 200 hour Yoga Teaching certification at Yoga Tree in San Francisco.  I happily taught Yoga in Panama for a year and did freelance graphic design until fate brought me back to the United States and to the beautiful Wood River Valley in Idaho.

I now live in Hailey, about 20 minutes from Sun Valley, Idaho, with my very energetic 6 year old daughter, my boyfriend, and a rather plump chiweenie. My devotion to Yoga is as strong as ever and my love for the mountains and the ocean is still unparalleled. 

If I had to write an artist statement I'd say that Art, like Nature, requires no justification for its existence.  Ironically, this simple truth is what inspires me the most when it comes to my artwork.  There is nothing we can do, or should do, to justify our place in the world or our enjoyment of it, so I spend a lot of time examining the idea that natural beauty is a portal into another dimension bent on teaching us this lesson.


With this in mind, I create with the hope that I can infect others in a small way with a desire to commune with this infinitely wise and mystical world.


And also because it’s damn fun.

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