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Creative Career Path Clarity

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30 Min Free Consultation
30 min
Niche Identity

Niche Identity

Warning! Not Apt For Anyone Afraid Of Standing Out

Dear fellow creators, we can't afford to lose time with copy-cat brands, unclear messaging or confusion about our niche.

If you feel unclear about your niche, your audience will feel unclear about what you and your business.  In a world pushing 7 billion people we can’t afford to work on our brand deeply from the inside-out.

Businesses launch all the time without figuring out their niche. 


Selling anything without this foundation is hard, especially for creatives.

The good news is that there’s never been a better time to launch a creative business, and once you figure out what it's all about, your audience, core message and what you're really offering to the world, everything else becomes easier.

I align heart, mind and practical business sense with your brand identity.

Work With Me:

No agenda, pick this option if you want to freely discuss a specific struggle with branding, get ideas, bounce ideas off or set your own pace in our work together.
Single Session
1 hr 15 min
30 Min Free Consultation
30 min
3 Sessions, 1hr 15 min each, - Niche Clarity Coaching, - Brand Identity Guideline, - Audience Breakdown.
Basic Niche Identity Clarity
1 hr 15 min
3 Session Plan, $540
7 sessions, 1hr 15 min each, Niche Clarity Coaching, Niche Identity Template Development, Audience Analysis, Website Copy Development Assistance, Tagline Development.
In-Depth Niche Identity
1 hr 15 min
7 Session Plan, $974

Creative Career/Path Clarity

Stumped?  Full of business ideas and no clue which to tackle first, or even if you should?

This is a big problem in our modern world.  There are no clear paths for anything anymore, let alone how to figure out the type of business you should pursue as a creative, driven, and passionate individual!  

This is why I teach a holistic approach to finally figuring out what you want to do.

We live in society that praises labels, categories and specialization, but as creative and intuitive people we need a different approach, a different flow to defining and making progress with our business and careers.

The layers and layers of old beliefs, techniques and rules in our brain that have been sold to us by a (mostly) non-creative society are heralded as the only way to success, but as long as you’re playing by someone else’s rules success and progress will be hard to come by.

When it comes to getting clarity on your path or business with (what feels like) relentless creative ADD I have been there and done that.

And what I’ve learned along that way has astounded me!  I can confidently say I’ve never come across anyone who teaches this particular approach I put together with a lot of pain and effort.  And I've tried pretty much everything.

There was a time when I never would have dreamed I would feel such clarity, peace of mind and energy to create without distractions, and I want to help you find that, too.

Whether you’re struggling to define your business or you can’t seem to find a path that makes your soul sing, this coaching program is for you.

Work With Me: