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Creative Path Clarity


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Phew!  These times are weird and things are  The old rules don't work AT 

ALL anymore and we're full of ideas that we have

no idea how to tackle.

I help Creatives clarify their vision and goals to achieve progress in a way that feels lined up with who they are.

I help straighten out and focus all that passionate energy so you can put it to work!  If you suffer from a lack of clarity with your career, business or project, have no idea where to begin or what your options are as a creative, then you've come to the right place.

It all starts with getting clear on what you want and why.


How I Can Help You

Coaching and Brainstorming for Creative Multipotentialites.

Have a case of indecisiveness, lack of clarity, overwhelm or business/career ADD?   Feel like everytime you hit a home run or an "aha!" moment it just as easily slips through your fingers?   


Luckily there ARE solutions to feeling like a creative mess!  I can guide you through a unique holistic approach to gaining clarity and confidence in you vision.  Don't waste time staying stuck - learn from someone who's been there and done that.




Uncovering and defining 

Your Special Niche

There are SO many different ways to present your offering to the world and make money from it. If your business idea involves many different aspects, potentially ranges across different age groups and background and you're wrecking your brain figuring out how you can define your niche, this coaching option is for you. 


Get hands-on help figuring out how to structure your creative business or project in a practical way, while honoring your big vision.



I Have NO Idea Where to Start -

Mentoring for Beginning Creatives

Fresh out of College, or debating between SO MANY different options for the future?  No freakin' clue where to start, but know you want a creative career, business or an unconventional path? (Hint, they're ALL unconventional these days)

Then this mentoring plan is for you.

Let's Talk
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Contact me directly if you'd like my help with anything not listen here or on my coaching page!  


Or learn more about me here:


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